Rickard Armiento

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Associate Professor in Physical Modeling - Application Expert in Big Data Analytics, Linköping University, Sweden.

Researcher in Computational physics and materials science, solid state physics, density functional theory, development of exchange-correlation functionals, computational code development, high-throughput computational methods. Applications relating to piezoelectric perovskite materials, photovoltaic solar energy materials, charge transfer in extended molecular systems, semiconductor defects and 2D materials (graphene and others).

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Websites and Software

The open materials database is meant as a research database/toolset to aid in materials design. It is currently under construction at this address:

The Open Materials Database is built using a the High-Throughput Toolkit (httk). It is a freely available open source framework for preparing and running calculations, analyzing the results and store them in a global and/or in a personalized database. Httk documentation and downloads are available here: